Lagging and Insulation

Asbestos Pipe Lagging.

Asbestos Pipe Lagging and Insulation is known as thermal insulation, was used to prevent heat loss.

Asbestos Lagging and insulation was a plaster-based product manufactured with up to 85% asbestos fibres.

Extremely friable, asbestos thermal insulation is hazardous if damaged as the potential for fibre release is exceptionally high.

Asbestos pipe lagging from the 1910s until the 1970s. Insulation, in turn, was one of the most popular ways of utilizing asbestos during the majority of the twentieth century.

It helped to conserve energy or soundproof rooms. Now they could be commonly found in places such as attics or walls.

Asbestos Caposite pipe lagging and insulation in the floof void of a house.
Asbestos Caposite pipe lagging in the roof void of a house.

Is Asbestos pipe lagging dangerous?

Thermal insulation is one of the most dangerous materials containing asbestos.

When materials that contain asbestos are disturbed or damaged, are release fibres into the air. If you inhaled the fibres, they could cause serious diseases.

These diseases will not affect you immediately; they often take a long time to develop, but once diagnosed, it is often too late to do anything.

This type of asbestos has many different appearances but is primarily a fibrous material that flakes and powders easily.

When applied to pipes, the laggers often covered in a protective coating (or painted) which can be any colour and may make it more difficult to identify.

Where else can you find thermal insulation?

In addition to pipe insulation, you can find the following products insulated with asbestos:

  1. Calorifier and Tank Insulation
  2. Floor Ducts and Voids
  3. Insulation to Boilers
  4. Within Rising Ducts
  5. Hardset Lagging
  6. Sectional Lagging
Damaged asbestos pipe lagging
Asbestos Pipe Lagging on the wall of the stairs.

Can I Remove Asbestos Thermal Insulation?

Do not attempt to work on this material under any circumstances.

Due to the severe health risks possible when dealing with asbestos lagging, removal should always be carried out by a licensed contractor under controlled conditions.

The costs of asbestos removal depend on the type of work that is required and its extent.

Get an estimate from two or three licensed contractors.

Check the HSE website for a list of contractors near you. Ask for references from similar work they have previously carried out.