Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB)


What is asbestos insulation board made of.

Asbestos Insulating Board usually contains 15–25% amosite (brown) asbestos and maybe chrysotile (white) asbestos.

It was used heavily in the 1950s to 1980s.

You can find it in buildings built or refurbished in that timeframe.

The construction industry used for insulating against fire, heat, and sound. So you will often find it in walls, ceilings, fire doors and partitions.

Where were asbestos insulating boards used?

People used the board all over because they were so versatile.

It is incredible the locations the construction industry used them.

Sometimes there is no apparent reason why the material is present.

Due to its versatile use, it was used for anything and everywhere.

The construction industry commonly used Asbestos Insulating Board as fireproofing material.

It had many, many uses.

Here are some of the common areas it used in.

  1. Partition Walls
  2. Fireproofing panels in fire doors
  3. Lift shaft linings
  4. Ceiling tiles
  5. Soffits
  6. Panels below windows

The construction industry used it extensively in buildings such as schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses, offices and even houses.

Houses Builders predominantly used around boilers, heating systems and electrics.

Anywhere which could be a fire risk. Manufacturers would line warm air units, vents, and ducts with asbestos insulation boards.

Man working on Ceiling Tiles Asbestos Insulation Board

How dangerous is this?

Work on any asbestos can be dangerous. However, some short-duration work (less than 1 hour for one person in a seven day period, not to exceed 2 hours spent by all workers) for small or minor tasks on AIB can be carried out by non-licensed workers who are appropriately trained.

Short duration work to remove AIB as part of demolition or major refurbishment would be notifiable.

Any work lasting more than 1 hour for one person in a seven day period or more than 2 hours by all workers would require a licensed contractor.

Asbestos Essentials includes 38 task sheets that will show you how to carry out non-licensed work on AIB safely.

We recommend samples of this material are only taken by a suitably trained person