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DIY asbestos Sampling kit.

1 Sample £20

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"Instructions on how to use the kit were clear and straightforward The results came back very quickly"

Mr Brown, Wakefield

A laboratory assistants hands placing an asbestos sample from one of our asbestos sample kits under the microscope.




Our Asbestos Testing Kits UK come with easy to use and step-by-step instructions.

We offer complete telephone support for any questions you may have regarding taking the asbestos samples.

The sample results are usually available the next working day after we receive your samples.

We also offer free advice once you receive the sample results.


STANDARD KIT with no Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Instruction Leaflet x 1

Padded envelope with stamp x1

Large grip seal sample bag (Blue) x1

Small grip seal sample bag (Red) x1 per sample ordered

Small grip seal sample bag (Green) x 1 per sample ordered

Industrial wet wipes x1 per sample ordered

Sample submission form x1

Cost of testing the samples by UKAS accredited lab

STANDARD Plus KIT includes all of the above plus the following PPE

Disposable Coverall x1

Disposable Vinyl Gloves x1

Disposable Face Mask x1

Asbestos waste bags x2 (1 x Red 1 x Clear)

Items not included which you may need

Pliers or a chisel

Garden type sprayer and detergent

Touch up paint (Match pots are ideal)

Duct tape & Polythene sheeting

These general items are not included for packaging and safety reasons.

If you do not have these items most DIY hardware stores and garden centres will stock them. Not all items will be required

Placing the single bagged asbestos sample into a second bag from the asbestos sample kit
Double Bagged Pink sample from an asbestos testing kit


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I test for asbestos UK?

How much does it cost to have a sample tested for asbestos?

Are home asbestos testing kits UK reliable?

Is it dangerous to live in a house with asbestos?

Asbestos testing near me?

What does asbestos look like in the home

Sampling Asbestos. Is it safe?


How do I test for asbestos UK?

We supply full instructions in our asbestos testing kit on how to safely take an asbestos sample.

Doubled bagged asbestos cement sample with label showing unique reference number.
Asbestos fibre bundles on asbestos cement sheet from an asbestos sample kit


What does asbestos look like?

We have a full picture gallery of asbestos products in the home


Sampling Asbestos.

Is it safe?

If you follow the full instructions supplied in our asbestos testing kit, then the risks are relatively low risk.

You should only sample low risk asbestos containing materials i.e. Textured Coating, cement products, floor tiles or any material where the fibres are firmly bound in solid matrix.

We do not recommend sampling pipe lagging, insulation board or sprayed on insulation.

Doubled bagged asbestos cement sample with label showing unique reference number.
Double Bagged Pink sample from an asbestos testing kit


Asbestos Sample Testing Near Me

With our DIY asbestos Sampling Kit, we don't need to be near you.

We post the kit out to you, no matter where you are in the UK

Asbestos Testing kit UK Reviews

Asbestos sampling kit provided was easy to use and the test results arrived in my inbox the day after I posted the samples.

Philip Kaye, Huddersfield

Thanks for getting the results back to us and all the free advice on how to proceed.

Verity Martin, Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

Fast efficient service. I was a bit worried about taking my own samples, but the instructions were very clear and easy to follow

Chris (Alfie) Beaumont, Workshop coordinator, Gatwick Airport


If you have any questions, we are here to help